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From karting right through to Formula1, ACS supply custom ear plugs and in-ear communications to drivers, crew and track staff. With state of the art communication components, hearing protection filters, custom cable length options, a range of different connectors and a knowledgeable, experienced team behind us we can meet almost any criteria necessary for your specific discipline.

ACS Drivercoms

The ACS Drivercoms have been designed from the ground up with performance racing environments in mind.

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ACS Hearing Protection

Over the years our innovative hearing conservation products have helped many people protect their hearing.

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ACS PRO Series includes a range of hearing protection ear plugs and communication products, each custom made to fit individual users. The custom mould gives a perfect fit to ensure there is no sound leakage, and is made from a medical grade soft silicone to give a safe and comfortable fit, even when worn for long periods of time.

The attenuating filters fitted to our ear plugs reduce sound to safe levels without muffling, so the wearer can hear safely and clearly. PRO filters are available in a range of different attenuations to ensure the correct sound reduction is achieved in any environment, and the filters have been tested and certified to EN352-2 - the European Standard for ear plug hearing protectors.

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We also offer a range of communication products, with our PRO Communicator and ACS Drivercoms both incorporating high end speakers and cables to give crystal clear communications for drivers and crew. The ACS Drivercom features a short cable and adaptor options for connection to helmet coms, while the PRO Communicator has a longer cable and incorporates our PRO filters to combine communication and hearing protection.

Speed and Hearing

Measurements taken by the Occupational Health and Safety Service show that at a speed of 80 km/h the sound level under the helmet is over 90 decibels.

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Who uses ACS?

Find out who uses ACS and why they are a vital part of kit for anybody working in motorsport.

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