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Professional Communication and Protection


ACS communication solutions provide impeccable performance combining the benefits of cutting-edge in-ear technology with the isolation provided by custom-fit devices. Eliminating external noise allows you to hear clearly and communicate at safe levels and with greater comfort.

The Pro Communicator allows those working in high noise environments to stay in touch and in tune with their surroundings.


ACS Pro Communicator

The Pro Communicator offers the best of both worlds combining our flat response high-noise hearing protection with the same high-fidelity speakers as used in our in-ear monitors.

pro communicator

ACS Pro 27 Communicator

The Pro 27 Communicator gives you the best of both worlds with the strongest filter in the Pro series range, giving you complete protection even in the most severe of environments, and the same technology that we use in our in-ear monitor allowing you to enjoy high fidelity audio for crisp communications and full-bodied music.


pro 27 communicator

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